The article is a bunch of “Don’t Be An Islamophobe” vomit. But I thought this comment was gold. BTW the rest of the comments that I have read are similar.


Reagan Lodge ยท VCU Communication Arts

Guys I know we’re all upset about a bunch of women in Cologne getting sexually assaulted and 1400 British kids from working class neighborhoods getting funneled around a Pakistani sex slave ring, but whatever we do, we can’t go doing crazy shit like drawing up correlations to how a lot of the countries that Muslim migrants are coming from are culturally hostile towards women, homosexuals, secularism, and free speech. Like, just don’t do that, it’s racist. And don’t criticize a religion or question its compatibility with Western culture – that’s racist too, even though it’s a religion with numerous white followers. I dunno how it’s racist but it just is, so let’s not go there. And if you’re a non-Muslim Arab or non-Muslim Persian criticizing Islamic migration into Europe, you’re just enacting internalized racism due to the European Patriarch and his deviling ways.

If your sister or daughter or wife gets catcalled in the street by a young male Muslim it’s not their fault, it just shows that we have to overcome our internalized EuroPatriarchy even more by embracing these poor starving, terrified fighting-age young male migrants.


And for those who don’t get the joke – it is satire.