At the rate things are going, I’ll be arrested for being a “drop-off rider”…

Seen On Reason

Here. Social Justice – the other religion of peace.        

Drug Tests and SWAT Raids – Coming To A Home Near You

I’m going to present a number of excerpts from the following article. You should read the whole thing. Federal judge: Drinking tea, shopping at a gardening store is probable cause for a SWAT raid on your home This is a description of the SWAT raid. In April 2012, a Kansas SWAT team raided the home […]

It Is A Classical Value?

      Is it a Classical Value if I just made it up? Well they have to start somewhere don’t they?        


Victor Hanson asks: Must our ancestors be reduced to villains of the past who do not fit our model of political correctness? Or were they just folks who had it far rougher than we citizens of the 21st century, and sacrificed their all so that we would not have to endure everything they did? Of […]


I think so. Jimmy Carter loses his religion and Muslim women lose the veil. AFTERTHOUGHT: I am not making a moral equivalency argument about the respective religions, mind you. Or the people involved. The Muslim women who have taken a stand against the veil are infinitely braver than Jimmy Carter. (I realize that any regular reader over […]

Former Head of DHS – Trump Is Right

Well he can’t say “Trump is right” directly. So, what does he say? The former head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) says the U.S. does not have the capabilities to vet Syrian refugees seeking asylum in the country. “Particularly from certain parts of the world, I’m just not sure that we’ve got the […]

So depressing it’s almost funny

For what it’s worth, the eloquent George Will lets Trump have it good and hard (anyone remember when conservatives hated moral equivalency arguments?): by his embrace of Putin, and by postulating a slanderous moral equivalence — Putin kills journalists, the United States kills terrorists, what’s the big deal, or the difference? — Trump has forced conservatives to […]

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Classic

In the pre-Internet days,  I used to — I am not making this up — keep a folder of Dave Barry Year In Review columns. In Paris, two million people march in a solidarity rally following the horrific terrorist attack on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Eyebrows are raised when not a single top […]

Site, Cite, and Oversight

Anthony Watts has finally produced his long-awaited study showing that moving temperature gauges next to steam pipes, air conditioners, and asphalt — get this — changes the temperature trends.  As Anthony points out, there hasn’t been much serious criticism, and AGW proponents seem to be the only theorists in the world who spend vastly more […]

Rape victim accused of rape

Those who think penetration is worse than envelopment — and that only penetration can be rape — should read this: This is one of the few cases where we have an actually good idea of what happened the night in question. Doe accompanied the accuser (who was Doe’s girlfriend’s roommate) to her dorm room. The […]


Interesting piece here on polling internals — Cruz is now perfectly positioned to draw Trump’s supporters if he can win in Iowa. Cruz has looked like the de facto frontrunner for a while now — as the article implies and Nate Silver has noted repeatedly, national polling isn’t predictive until after the first primaries, which it usually […]

Could It Be The Cost?

Yahoo “news” says the reason renewable energy is not as popular as it should be is the GOP. It’s tempting to mock Woodland residents for their skepticism of solar farms, and to place blame on rural populations for the country’s resistance to renewable energy and environmental technology. But don’t blame Woodland. Don’t blame the Manns. […]

I Wonder

What was going on in the minds of the San Bernadino killers as they prepared for their end? They have to throw away all the things their culture not only didn’t produce, but to this day does not make copies of or even sub-assemblies. They had to strip off their 21st Century identity in order […]

No Soft Targets

Reason Magazine discusses having armed citizens everywhere so that we have no more soft targets. From the comments this link seemed quite interesting. “The average number of people killed in mass shootings when stopped by police is 14.29. The average number of people killed in a mass shooting when stopped by a civilian is 2.33“ […]


Well beyond Jimmy Carter territory.


• Power Play — a blend of bold saturated colors in which the color pink “is reclaimed as a symbol of strength for both men and women.” • Basic Instinct — which place emphasis on “the constant and accelerating pace of change on our planet” and which is inspired by “unique survival characteristics such as […]

No wonder Darth hates the Internet

With Donald Trump now calling for censorship of the Internet, I thought an amusing video I found recently was not only amusing, but absolutely in order.

Does zombie equity lead to blasphemy diversity?

Quick question. Is a Zombie Jesus more offensive than a Zombie Muhammad? I mean, they are probably both considered offensive depending on whom you talk to. But it seems as if the New York Times is more willing to belittle religious objections to the Zombie Jesus than they would be to belittle objections to the […]