Great piece from David Harsanyi at the often-excellent Federalist, pointing out most Americans have a rational attitude toward global warming — fewer people drive hybrids, carpool, or bike to work than in the past.

And there’s this fun bit:

For us, it inevitable that this whole charade ends up granting more power to central government to micromanage our lives since so few people wish to voluntarily change their behavior, regardless of how much they tell pollsters they care about the issue. This is why Exxon is being sued by the government for retroactively failing to push theories that the state wants it to. Now, fanatics are drafting children to help punish companies for thought crimes. It is one of the most egregious attacks on free speech we’ve encountered yet. But even if the legal effort fails, which it almost surely will, the effort to chill speech by risk-averse Big Business will surely succeed. Which is the point, after all. The end goal isn’t censorship by government; it’s self-censorship by the targets of government.

Exxon had no duty to promote global warming fears, even in the hilariously unlikely event they had (in the 1970s, mind you) the kind of highly reliable climate models that still elude researchers today, or knew what most IPCC drafters in 1995 didn’t when they claimed human influence was still indiscernible — and this is hardly the only effort in this vein.  The practical and intended effect of these Lysenkoist tactics is to warn anyone who researches a politically controversial topic that Democrat special interests may drag them through the courts and perhaps try to jail them.  As with campaign limits on free speech, their operating assumption is that Americans must be coerced and herded away from the dangerous ideas of private individuals.

Fortunately, Americans have sensibly responded to this kind of legal savagery and attacks on Enlightenment ideals of free inquiry and intellectual tolerance by voting in record numbers of Republicans.

But just to be safe, since we’re really only ever One Election Away, the legal department here at Classical Values has asked that I hereby disclaim any liability if reading this causes them to round you up for the Climate Nuremberg trials, and may God have mercy on your soul.