“transgendered leftist activist”

Really? That’s how Ted Cruz characterized the mental case who murdered people near an abortion clinic. “We don’t fully know the motivations of this deranged individual,” Cruz said to reporters while stumping Sunday in Newton, Iowa. A reporter asked Cruz about the “no more baby parts” statement Dear made when he was arrested. “Well, it’s also […]

Civilization Requires Self Confidence

There are 13 parts to “Cvilization”. You can find Part 2 [The Great Thaw] here. From there you should be able to find the rest.

“Who are the real criminals?”

That was a leftie slogan back in the 1960s, and I was reminded of it by this startling statistic: An economic consulting firm reported on data last week showing that the approximately $4.5 billion in annual forfeitures now exceeds the $3.9 billion Americans lose in robberies each year. The clear point: Your local police or […]


(Looks like poor Cousin Reginald won’t make ISIS….)

Micro theory for dogs

It’s been quite a while since I have posted about my dog Coco, but that last post about microaggressions has made me feel particularly remiss, and I’ll have to explain why. Coco is now 11 years old (almost as old as this blog) making her a little old lady in canine terms. She still has […]

Micro passive-aggressive analysis

In case you’re wondering about what exactly is a “microaggression,” wonder no more! A benevolent corporate entity known as MTV has deigned to educate white people by way of illustration: I watched it avidly, and it made me realize that I too have been the victim of microaggressions. While I have traveled to other countries, […]

Did Hitler Have PTSD?

In my recent article Does PTSD Cause Terrorism? I discussed the relationship between PTSD and suicide bombers. But I think it would be remiss to leave out Western society from the equation. So I thought I’d look at a Western mass murderer. This will not be a dissertation. I’m not going to go all tl;dr […]

The Limits To Lysenkoism

Great piece from David Harsanyi at the often-excellent Federalist, pointing out most Americans have a rational attitude toward global warming — fewer people drive hybrids, carpool, or bike to work than in the past. And there’s this fun bit: For us, it inevitable that this whole charade ends up granting more power to central government […]

Common Sense

Common sense gun control. Common sense speech control. Common sense money control. Common sense travel control. Common sense property control. Common sense electricity control. Common sense food control.

Does Turkey Support ISIS?

A supposed intelligence officer for ISIS had this to say. He also found it remarkable that, for all the many months of the siege of Kobani, ISIS fighters came and went as they pleased across the Syrian-Turkish border. The second-largest army in NATO stationed soldiers, tanks, and armored personnel carriers within spitting distance of one […]

Do minds matter?

Apparently not.

Soft Targets

So many times on the “news” about terrorist attacks in the last few days I have heard about “soft targets” with zero irony. If more people in the general population were carrying there would be no soft targets. Except for “gun free zones.”

Does PTSD Cause Terrorism?

Does PTSD cause terrorism? It seems like terrorists have all the symptoms. Unquenchable anger and the desire for suicide being the chief symptoms in this case. A lack of empathy for others is also a feature. I’m going to do some further research to see what comes up. So there may be additions to this […]


I’ve been watching the Democratic candidates’ debate on an obscure channel, on a Saturday night, in a debate that they surely thought few would watch. In a complete turnaround from previous debates, now they are debating what to do about terrorism. “Jihadists!” They actually used that word. Artillery Hillary is doing her best to sound […]

Happy Veterans Day

This puts it pretty well. So many of the veterans I’ve known are now gone, but this is a good occasion and place to thank M. Simon for his service!   

Alleged Perpetrator Named

For those of you who may be paying attention, you will recall the incident at the University of Missouri that caused (in part) the university’s president and chancellor to resign. The drawing in feces of a swastika on a bathroom wall. Well there is no evidence that the event ever happened. Despite that the alleged […]

Men: Democrat Says Your Opinion Not Welcome

You can watch the Senator McCaskill video here. It is not embedable. I wonder why? She says if men will shut up on the topics she says they shouldn’t talk about they will be allowed to voice their opinion on cannabis legalization. Cannabis legalization is now favored by about 58% of the voting population. I […]

Whose hands are on the warning triggers?

I have major problems with today’s political spectrum. One, I don’t believe in restricting economic freedom. I especially hate socialism. This means I hate the views of the Democratic Party. Two, I hate other forms of restrictions on personal freedom. The latter includes not only sexual freedom, but the right to use one’s body as […]

“A Hero In Blue” – Updated

Have a look at my latest update at A Hero In Blue. The sleaze factor just went up by 10X.

DEA Head: Marijuana Is Medical

The Head of the DEA Chuck Rosenberg says that marijuana is medical. Well not exactly. Here is what he actually said: Rosenberg also expressed opposition to the marijuana legalization movement in the country, and frustration with efforts to legalize the drug based on highlighting its medicinal properties. “What really bothers me is the notion that […]