We now know what it must have been like reading Caligula’s biographer

Is it possible server-gate will achieve the opposite of what Republicans want and make Hillary Clinton seem more personable—and popular? So far, at least, the emails released this week seem to evoke less a Foggy Bottom Machiavelli at work than a fairly ordinary (if entitled) person, always in a hurry, who relies on her aides for just about everything.

This is like focusing on all the chocolate Jeffrey Dahmer ate. Hey, look, he likes marshmallows too! Just like us! And after all, only 3% of his diet was human flesh.

Let’s get real, folks: Hillary Clinton deliberately, maliciously, and incompetently transgressed national security laws in order to avoid transparency requirements that have been in place since the 1960s and defined for electronic mail since the early 1990s. Worse, she committed her crimes so negligently they almost certainly resulted in the loss to hostile foreign powers of every single piece of classified data she illegally stored on her illegal server. And we only know about any of this because her department’s refusal to provide adequate security in Benghazi (doing so might have lent credence to observations the administration’s Libya policy was failing badly) caused the first death of an American ambassador since the days of Jimmy Carter — and the attackers may well have known Ambassador Stevens’ security arrangements from her unsecured emails.

Remember, Petraeus was charged for (among other things) merely writing his appointments on a personal calendar.

The only questions remaining are what level of ridiculousness her defenders will reach, and whether this administration is too corrupt to prosecute a high-ranking official of the Democratic Party.