A comment I made in a discussion about energy and economics.

Energy is money.

Which makes you winder why long shots like this don’t get funded: An introduction to Proton-Boron Fusion.

Yes the odds are 10 to 1 against. But if we hit that 1 it is energy for the next 10,000 years. Not to mention Mars in two weeks. We can mine asteroids. A gold asteroid would do wonders for the Austrian school. Cheap gold. Then we get a true accounting. Iron is money. Copper is money. Tin is money. Wheat is money. Hemp is money (and in the early colonial days of America you could use it to pay taxes). Pure water is money.

And the best part? We get a yes/no in about 5 years for $1/2 a billion. Chump change.

Then there was a commenter who believes in resource depletion. I had a reply for him.

Resource depletion? No such thing. The oceans are FULL of resources.

What you mean is that the energy costs of getting those resources is high. That is a different question.

The finding of a gold asteroid would greatly reduce the cost of gold. The intrinsic value of gold is an illusion based on the high energy cost of extraction.Even the “Austrians” have their illusions.


The “Austrians” refers to the Austrian school of economics.