I’m thinking of a productivity increase. Like the one that exploded in the 1920s. Everyone was going to get rich from it. Instead the huge increase in farming productivity put millions out of work. Everybody wedded to the old supply chain. And a lot of people collateral to them.

We are in the middle of another huge productivity jump and just like the farming revolution – it is a job killer.

The epicenter this time is China where the productivity increases have been huge. But they over did it to keep things going. The usual. And now they have a LOT of adjusting to do.

Just about all the chatter on the ‘net expects a crash in September. Prepare. As best as you can.

Update: 18 August 2015 1144z

This comment (in an article about the demise of mass retailers) sums it up:

Centralization and Tech have massively reduced the need for people.