That’s what scientists are studying. At a cost to the City of San Francisco of some $3.5 million.

β€œIt is now well-established that women of minority sexual orientation are disproportionately affected by the obesity epidemic, with nearly three-quarters of adult lesbians overweight or obese, compared to half of heterosexual women. In stark contrast, among men, heterosexual males have nearly double the risk of obesity compared to gay males.”

Yes, it is well-established enough that in places like San Francisco, how a man’s body looks is often a clue to his sexuality.Β I always thought gay men took better care of their bodies because it gave them a better chance of getting laid, and that whether straight men get laid depends less on their physical attractiveness, while men who are married and settle into sedentary domestic lifestyle have less of an incentive to worry about their looks. But what do I know? I’m not a scientist, and no one will pay me $3.5 million for my opinions.

As to why lesbians are obese, I don’t really know, but recall an old slogan which was a book title: “Fat is a feminist issue.”

fat is not about food, but rather about protection, sex, mothering, strength, assertion, anger, love.

Hmmm…. There’s gotta be a common denominator. Maybe straight fat guys are basically feminists at heart.

More money is needed to confirm my theory!

And what if sex with women makes people fat?