Another day, another gigantic Big Hack Attack.

Not to sound like a nutjob, but sometimes I wonder who is hacking who.

OPM officials said as recently as Thursday evening that they believed 4.2 million people—including 2.1 million current employees—were affected by the breach, but the background-investigation form breach suggests the number could be larger. The stolen records include people who were screened by the federal government for certain jobs but decided not to accept the job after the background check was concluded, as well as people whom the government declined to hire.

Several U.S. lawmakers briefed on the investigation into the breach said they believed the hack emanated from China, though the White House hasn’t confirmed this allegation. Chinese officials have said they weren’t involved.

On June 4, OPM announced that its systems had been hacked and began notifying current and former federal employees that their Social Security numbers and other personal information could have been stolen. Other federal agencies, including intelligence agencies, aided the investigation, and officials soon learned that a wider network of data was compromised.

So… Does this mean we’re supposed to be so worried about Chinese hackers that we surrender ever more privacy in order to prevent loss of our “privacy”?

Is the NSA capable of such antics?

Can there be false flag hack attacks? If so, how the hell would anyone ever know? And (especially in light of the postmodernist left/right moral morass) how the hell is anyone supposed to believe anything?

Sorry to sound serious. I only meant to be sarcastic.

(And far be it from me to question the timing.)