Phyllis Schlafly is convinced that the goal of gay marriage is to destroy Christianity.

Long-time conservative activist, nationally syndicated columnist, and best-selling author Phyllis Schlafly said that gay marriage advocates are targeting Christian businesses, such as bakeries and wedding planners, and not targeting similar Muslim businesses because the ultimate goal of homosexual marriage is to “wipe out the Christian religion.”

On the May 11 talk-radio program, Talkback with Chuck Wilder, the host asked Phyllis Schlafly, “Have you noticed that only Christian small-business people have been harassed and sued for refusing to participate in same-sex marriages, even though our fast-growing immigrant populations — you know of Muslims, Hindus and other faiths — are also opposed to that concept?”

He continued, “The use of same-sex marriage to attack Christian businesses but not businesses run by members of other religions demonstrates what is really driving the demand for the new constitutional right to same-sex marriage. And Phyllis, give them the bottom line. What is that bottom line?”

Schlafly, president of the pro-family group Eagle Forum, said, “Well, that is right. They want to wipe out the Christian religion.”

I try to be fair and I can see her point about the double standard. Gay marriage advocates should be theologically blind where it comes to these things, yet they do seem to target only holders of (supposedly) Christian anti-gay views, and not those of others, such as Muslims.

Double standard aside, I have a problem with her logic. Let us assume that the goal of gay marriage advocates is to destroy Christianity. How, precisely, does gay marriage do that? True, there are a number of instances now of business owners refusing to supply services to gay weddings — and being smeared on the Internet and elsewhere in retaliation. But even if we suppose that all of these religious-dissenting businesses (such as photographers who won’t take pictures, caterers who won’t cook food, florists who won’t sell flowers, pizzerias who won’t make pizzas) are ruined, is that really the destruction of Christianity? I mean, if the goal is to destroy a religion — unless we assume that refusing service to gay weddings is absolutely central to Christian doctrine — how is harassing a few small businesses really going to accomplish that?

While I have long had mixed feelings about gay couples inviting the state into their bedrooms, I honestly don’t understand how the destruction of Christianity follows from that.

Might Ms. Schlafly’s concern be that Christianity is losing followers, as polls seem to indicate?

Or is that because of gay marriage too?

MORE: As commenter Chocolatier pointed out that Jesus was silent on the question of homosexuality, I think it’s worth asking what it is that some Christians find gay marriage so uniquely destructive of Christianity. After all, is not Christianity a spin-off of Judaism? And are not many of the biblical anti-gay arguments grounded in ancient Jewish texts like Leviticus?

So why aren’t Jewish merchants claiming that baking gay wedding cakes or photographing gay weddings would violate their religion? And why isn’t it being argued that gay marriage is destroying Judaism?