Police violence.

Nowadays, nearly everybody is talking about it. Over the years, I’ve kvetched about SWAT team raids, the War on Drugs, Homeland Security, militarization of law enforcement, etc., etc. more times than I care to imagine.

In the latest national meme, liberals are doing everything they can to conflate police violence with racism. Nice try, but it won’t work. When police are in war mode, the race of their victims is irrelevant. And in my opinion it is not honest to scream about police violence only if the victims happen to be black.

Liberals don’t seem to have a problem with lethal force per se; they are only concerned with the race of those subjected to it.

What liberals can’t bear to face is a stark and ugly fact. By their very nature, laws are designed to be backed up by — and enforced with — lethal force. The power to compel with state power means the power to kill.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is a typical example of this cognitive disconnect:

Police first engaged Eric Garner, for example, after being explicitly ordered to crack down on the sale of loose, untaxed cigarettes. Afterward, New York City’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, resisted attempts to connect strict enforcement of petty laws, which are disproportionately applied to poor, largely minority, communities, to the spate of police violence in the city last summer. He insisted police would continue to “strictly enforce” the petty laws because “the law is the law.” Commitment to the law didn’t stop de Blasio from operating New York as a sanctuary city because of the perceived injustice of immigration laws but did stop him from pulling police back from the kinds of interactions that inherently introduce violence—police authority backed by the use of force—to non-violent situations—things like selling loose cigarettes or possessing drugs.

If liberals want laws like the ones they keep passing, police violence will continue unabated.

No wonder they’re focusing on race.

If race continues to be the primary focus, then the obvious “solution” will not be to get rid of lethal force, but to redirect it.

(And as M. Simon notes, plenty of people are always lining up to oblige.)