The Random Shooting Began Last Year

I came across this story. The video is from March of 2014. And according to this report the police did nothing wrong. And that may be so. Or maybe not. But what attracted me and gave me the impetus to do a post was this comment from the link. Antonio Venegas I hate reading police […]

The enemies of freedom have allies

While it might surprise some readers, I do not have a problem with SWAT Teams per se. In fact, what happened in Paris yesterday is a perfect example of what a good, properly trained and equipped SWAT Team can do in an appropriate situation. Those sorts of terrorist actions are precisely what SWAT Teams were […]

Instead of slowing down, they speed up!

Along with arctic temperatures, it has been snowing for the past couple of days here in Michigan. That, however, has not stopped people from either driving, or being in a hurry — both of which are extremely dangerous in such weather. There was a gigantic pileup near me involving over a dozen semis (at least […]

Group Identity

For those of you with about 17 minutes to waste or who want to keep up with the latest trends and also sock puppets. I have to admit I only got a little past the 8 minute mark. But I was entertained. Ex Uno Plures tumblr headmates

The Republican Congress Priority

The first priority of the Republican Congress appears to be the vaginas of American women. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Republicans kicked off their first day in control of the US Congress this week by moving to ban all abortions after 20 weeks, first in the House and very soon in the Senate. […]

Food War Drug War tactics applied to food? It seems unAmerican to me. But then I recall Wickard v. Filburn. But the movie does make a good point in explaining why FDA Agents need to be armed. “We have nearly 40 federal agencies that are armed. I’m not against having police, I’m not against the army, […]

Party Like The Summer Of ’67

Most of you probably don’t remember the summer of ’67. Hell I barely remember it myself. It was 47 years ago. Light My Fire by the Doors was the theme song. And most of America was burning. We had heavy race riots. This one in Detroit was typical of what was going on relative to […]

Starve The Beast

I was having a little disagreement with a commenter over here about taxing and regulating weed. I said: Taxes are a license to kill. Ask Eric Garner. Well you can’t. He is dead. On suspicion of unpaid taxes. We have done enough begging on our knees to make our point. It is now time to […]

“balance principle with pragmatism” my ass!

I’m a pragmatist at heart, but where it comes to free speech, I don’t believe in yielding one iota to censorship. I agree with Perry de Havilland (via M. Simon) that the following approach stinks: The editor of the Independent has said “every instinct” told him to publish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons caricaturing the prophet Muhammad […]

Pleading The 10th

You may recall my post Border Wars, where the Attorney Generals of Oklahoma and Nebraska are suing Colorado over pot legalization. What was my take? “Nebraska and Oklahoma must be run by Ijits.” Well, some Oklahoma Republicans agree with me. Seven Oklahoma Republicans have come out in opposition to the state’s lawsuit against Colorado for […]

Can’t have both

A comment from M. Simon reminded me of something which was drummed home further by today’s events. The war on drugs makes it harder to fight the war on terrorism. I don’t mean simply diversion of resources, although it would be nice to shut down the DEA and all the various drug enforcement divisions and […]


A longer video: Update (for those of you who think Christie should be President some day):

Massive police surveillance state

If you thought that only the NSA was violating the Fourth Amendment rights of Americans by intercepting their communications, think again. Thanks to so-called “Stingray” phone tracker technology, the FBI — and thousands of local police agencies — are now routinely spying on millions of Americans, without search warrants. Naturally, they are trying to keep […]

Blood In The Water

In Columbia, Missouri a city councilwoman who opposed an anti-Prohibition measure has resigned in the face of a recall effort. Chadwick voted against decriminalizing the cultivation of two marijuana plants in Columbia, and First Ward constituents said their goal is to replace her with a council member who is a better representative of the ward. […]

Sweet Little Sixteen?

What is pedophilia? I used to think it meant having sex with children. Is a adult man who has sex with females in their late teens guilty of “pedophilia”? Moralist-in-Chief Matt Drudge seems to think so. I don’t approve of adults having sex with teenagers (even sex-savvy 17-year-olds like Virginia Roberts), but I think calling such […]

Respect for law?

How’s life in modern America? As M. Simon’s post discusses, not showing ID when turning in a cat to animal control can get you killed. Government is now prohibiting sled riding. Government schools are telling kids what they can and cannot eat. Huge quantities of food are being thrown away because children refuse to eat it. […]

The Flynn Effect And Food

I came across a comment here that seems to explain the Flynn effect. “if the amount of innovation were simply satisfying a Darwinian need,[…] it would hold actual-total innovation at the same, pre-trade level.” However, if innovation isn’t being actively selected against it will decline slowly, so if the trade/communication increased faster than genetic drift […]

Love For Sale

I’m trying to find the title and author of an old science fiction short story. It came up in this discussion. Women. Women are the problem; women and their evil commodification of love. There was a science fiction story I read on that topic a long time ago. Can’t remember the title or author. The […]

Starting Age

Little Ice Age Return?

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