A local rec center has multiple TV monitors with multiple channels, so that people can exercise or relax while watching their preferred channel. Sound fair? Not if certain activists get their way:

A couple’s objections to Fox News broadcasts at the Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center in Ann Arbor has Washtenaw County officials considering a new policy for what types of programs should be allowed on TV screens inside the center. Ypsilanti Township residents Dave and Sue Weber argue a county-run facility is no place to be showing what they consider offensive, right-wing political propaganda. They said they started going to the county’s recreation center on Washtenaw Avenue last fall and were dismayed to see Fox News show up on four of the 12 television screens in the cardio area during election season.

Dismayed? I’m sure there are people who would be dismayed to see CNN or MSNBC.

The way it works in that place, there are so many TV monitors that you can decide which one you want to watch and ignore the others. Not good enough for the activists. It bothers them that anyone at all is able to watch Fox News:

“There’s no sound unless you bring your own earphones and you plug it into the machine that you’re working on,” Chuck Hescheles said. “And there are enough TVs that you can just turn your head and look at whatever you’d like to look at.”

“Exactly,” Doocy responded. “If the Webers don’t like the Fox News channel, don’t look at it. It’s that simple.”

No, it’s not that simple. Activists don’t just want to watch only what they want to watch. They want to make you watch what they watch.