I came across this comment at The Guardian about the Antonio Martin shooting:

You can watch the video and the story Mr. Tomkens is commenting on here.

Beep Tomkens

First, the video is so far away I only see a police car pull in and a number of people walking over to the Police car. I see no strange behavior by anyone, but again its to far away. How about showing me the same video the Police claim was the drawing and pointing of a gun. There were several people around the police car so where are the statements by them that 1. he had a gun and 2. he drew it and pointed it? Where is the gun photographed next to his body or in his hand. I don’t buy the cameras where not on or not used. The Car camera can be activated by turning on the red lights or manually by a switch on the dashboard. There isn’t a cop in the USA today who would respond on “ANY” suspicious call involving Blacks without having and using the best evidence of proper behavior and need to kill. What is a “Defaced Weapon” possible weapon with serial number ground off and kept by the officer as a “Throw Down When in Trouble”? , the body camera instruction pamphlet is two pages. one in Spanish. It states , after charging clip to body and push record when needed. Push stop when done recording. Use attached cable to transfer computer. Pretty hard to understand and use??????

Now I want to see the video showing the drawing and pointing of a gun not the removal of a black wallet or cell phone!!! I want to hear the testimony of the other people standing there when it happened. I want the guy they let run away identified, and that’s easy, and hear what he saw and heard. This story has so many holes in it and there is no excuse for any supposition, either there was a gun and he raised it and pointed it or there wasn’t and he was murdered. If this was my case as a Homicide Detective I could answer all of the aforementioned questions within 24 hours and a lot less after interviewing the suspect officer. So either grow a set and demand answers to the real questions or don’t waste my time with a half-as_ed story.

I suggest you read “Practical Homicide Investigation” I did and used it for 30 years.