I found an interesting comment. Here is the most interesting part (edited for readability):

I am enjoying the latest MSNBC mini-series Pot Barons of Colorado, and look forward to Harry Smith’s end-of-year cannabis special tentatively scheduled for January 5, 2015, as well as the new CNN potumentary. However, I would like to see the New York Times keep up the legalization drumbeat. If The Big Apple would legalize cannabis they could use some of the revenues to meet the demands of their employees, specifically to address the pension and union concerns of city employees, especially like stop pissing off the NYPD in exchange for the cops ending Stop N Frisk based upon cannabis.

So far that whole neck of the woods has had political leaders who have been flaming useless for cannabis legalization. Douchebag Cuomo, Douchebag Christie, and so far de Blasio not going far enough soon enough and then shit backfiring on him big time. The whole New York City metropolitan area is high profile for organized crime, the mafia families, has been for almost a century now, History or H2 was showing documentaries along these lines, and both governors decided to shut down the reform and restructuring of the Port Authority, and against the wishes of their respective state legislatures. They both are as prohibitionist as they can get away with right now in the political climates of their states.

Christie would have UNDONE Corzine’s legalization of medical cannabis in New Jersey, and Cuomo would have stalled medical cannabis as long as possible in New York state. If it affects mob money, it ain’t happenin’ so adult recreational ain’t happenin’ in those states for a while. States without the ballot initiative are the most prohibitionist, even when there is a majority of the public in support of it. Pennsylvania has had majority support for medical marijuana, but no ballot initiative, and since it’s got the most corrupt legislature in the nation, according to political reporter John Baer, you (Baer doesn’t make that connection) can pretty much figure if the price of pot drops as was reported in The Cannabist about “Oscar” the illegal pot grower that legal medical cannabis put out of business and another story in The Cannabist about how the price has dropped for Mexican farmers and how legalization is really working that if it reduces mob money in Pennsylvania then the legislature will postpone legalizing cannabis in any way as long as possible.

After New York’s crime families, Philadelphia’s crime family network is probably the next most powerful on the East Coast. Christie’s mother was of Sicilian descent, and he has that King Shit swagger about him they way he treated that little girl’s dad, Vivian Wilson’s dad, like medical cannabis is complicated but the dad was too dumb to understand it and just was a total asshole to the dad.