A Climate Of Failure

From Jo Nova. Australians may have missed what happened this week in the US (especially if they only watch the ABC). Climate Change is over as a voting issue. Will Australian Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, get the message? Just last month he pledged to put carbon trading on the next election agenda (again). The conservatives […]

A Deficiency Disease

The study the video is based on: Reductions in circulating endocannabinoid levels in individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder following exposure to the World Trade Center attacks. Abstract Endocannabinoid (eCB) signaling has been identified as a modulator of adaptation to stress, and is integral to basal and stress-induced glucocorticoid regulation. Furthermore, interactions between eCBs and glucocorticoids […]

Being Watched

The experiments now going on in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and that other Washington (D.C.) are being watched by politicians who are trying to figure out which way to jump on the cannabis legalization issue. Here is one who admits it: Wolf would sign legislation to legalize marijuana for broader medicinal purposes. He supports decriminalizing […]

The Marijuana Majority

Marijuana got a majority in every State (and DC) where it was on the ballot. Preliminary results: Florida – 57% in favor of Medical Cannabis (it needed 60% to pass). Oregon – legalization got 54% of the vote. That makes it the third State to legalize. Alaska – legalization got 52% of the vote. That […]

An Era Of Strong Man Politics Returns

China. The article’s title is China’s Third Era: The End of Reform, Growth, and Stability. This is the ending: Events are still unfolding, but we don’t have to wait for history to tell us what’s happening in China today. Three decades of stability and progress have come to an end. Deng’s China is now in […]

CO2 Can’t Heat The Oceans

This was brought to my attention by Ocean IR Emissivity Paper agrees with Talkshop. I won’t bore you with the gloating there. Instead lets get to the meat: New paper finds a huge false physical assumption of IPCC climate models. For all four of these physical reasons (and more) * poor absorption by water of […]

Dogs, Tricks, And The Old

I am finding out that it is very difficult to teach old dogs new tricks. I’ll start discussing cannabinoid medicine about which I know a fair amount http://rockford-for-safe-access.blogspot.com/ with “old” people who say that they are not against cannabis as medicine and they will start telling me things (like – single component cannabinoids will be […]