Over at WUWT, commenters attempt to answer the Great Question of global warming. No, it’s not what sea levels will be in 2100, how to model water vapor and other feedbacks, or why the 18-year pause — no, this question is far more important: given their failure to model anything on Earth, what should we call the planet that climate models actually apply to?  My favorites among the efforts so far:

Goron Planet CMIP-6 Craven New World
Planet Phlogiston Fundraisia Modeltopia
Errorth Falsefidia Malingerth
Simulistan Misanthropia Crematoria
Manndora NIMBY Planet of the Japes
Gorphlogismann Grant Generator Foreboding Planet
Alarmistan Horsemannuearth Calamitous II
Catastrophia Warmworld Treeringia
Planet GIGO CRUtopia Fear Sphere
Grantlandia Hyperthermia Tamino
Thermophobia BESTworld Carbonerror
Errrth Settled Scientasia Terror Firma
Linear Simplistica Prognosticon Imaginearth
Planet Mirth Bristleconia Planet WTF-97
Dolos Manngaea Alarmaworld

Like any great work of science fiction, this nearly named world comes with its own set of rituals that seem very strange to us, but are doubtless perfectly normal to them.