WARNING: It has been pointed out that this post is Not Safe For Work.

I am the last person in need of a reminder that human tastes vary widely, but a woman named Kim Kardashian seems to prove the point. Some love her, some hate her. I never would have even heard of the woman, as I don’t follow popular culture, but it just so happens that yesterday a friend asked me to please photoshop the head of another celebrity I’d never heard of onto the naked body of Kim Kardashian.

I can’t say no to a simple request like that, so here was the result:


No big deal for me. I have no strong feelings about either celebrity.

But see, now that my mind has been polluted with the unwanted knowledge of the existence of the thoroughly useless Kardashian woman, I now find myself unable to ignore new insights about her when I stumble onto them — like this video of a Kim Kardashian coffee dispenser:

That there is no accounting for taste was additionally drummed into my head as I walked the dog early this morning. A man got out of a slick new BMW and opened (a bit ostentatiously, so it seemed) both front doors in such a way that the sidewalk was blocked, so I had to walk out into the street. Not a big deal until the man walked over to the street side as I was attempting to avoid him and his stupid car, and then I caught a whiff.

Horrible, disgusting, cloying, overpowering cologne!

Honestly, I gagged, and nearly threw up involuntarily. No exaggeration. I just couldn’t help myself. Perhaps it was just too early in the morning. Anyway, I thought about the philosophical implications as I walked the dog. Earlier I had picked up and bagged a rather stinky dog turd. That didn’t bother me any more than usual, and I say that as someone who sincerely hates excrement. But cologne, OTOH, is supposed to be something people want to smell! People pay a lot of money for it and they wear it to make themselves more attractive. Yet it nearly made me vomit. Go figure. I’ll never understand these things.

No idea whether the cologne-wearing BMW driver likes Kim Kardashian, but nothing would surprise me.