My Computer Has Died

My four year old Gateway hard drive has given up the ghost. I have spare hard drives and backups but I can’t get them to install. Pity. It is a very nice machine. If anyone has an old Win 7 machine they wan to get rid of my e-mail is on the sidebar here. Well […]


I drove from Berkeley to LA, where I’ve been for the better part of a week. It’s sweltering hot, which is normal for this time of year. Such is life. MORE: The dog passed an IQ test with flying colors.

Awesome Little Devil

Made with a 3D printer. Details of the project can be found here. I have designed a set of electronics – motor drivers and master controller for 3D printers and table top CNC machine tools. You can read about them at the bottom of this page.

Fast Food Workers Push For Automation

Well that is not what they think they doing. They think they are striking for higher wages. The next round of strikes by fast-food workers demanding higher wages is scheduled for Thursday, and this time labor organizers plan to increase the pressure by staging widespread civil disobedience and having thousands of home-care workers join the […]

Things You Can Do For Your Brain

The first mate sent me this link. I like # 6. 6. Too much TV: Watching TV is a ”no brain” activity and the research is compelling.