This is messed up.


As of 16 August 2014      Areas controlled by the Islamic State      Areas claimed by the Islamic State      Rest of Iraq and Syria
As of 16 August 2014     Areas controlled by the Islamic State  [shown in red]
It seems that when you fight and take out one enemy in the Mideast, another, bigger enemy springs up and takes the old enemy’s place.What the fuck are we supposed to do? Make an alliance with Iran?Reminds me of what Churchill said about the alliance with Stalin.MORE: And what the hell is up with the so-called “Caliph” being a released U.S. prisoner? (“Environmentally friendly” Camp Bucca my ass!)

Are we nuts? Or are we doing these things deliberately?

What worries me is that I don’t think the United States — as a country — is psychologically capable of fighting a war like this, even if we had a wartime mentality.

Which (with all respect to analysts like this guy), we do not.