From the comments at Samizdata.

Paul Marks
August 29, 2014 at 7:51 pm

The Islamists are what Edmund Burke called an “armed doctrine” – they make no secret of the fact that (like the Jacobins and Nazis and Marxists) they seek to spread their system by force – all around the world.

Peace is not an option – because the enemy exists and the the peace they are interested in is complete submission.

One can debate tactics (for example I was AGAINST intervention in Iraq in 2003), but a Rothbardian denial of the existence of the enemy (a pretence that it is all a “neocon plot” or whatever) is insanity.

Commenter Frank left a link to Bill Quick who had a link to Angelo Codevilla.

The Islamic State’ video-dissemination of one of its goons beheading an American is an existential challenge from which we cannot afford to shrink. Until the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS) did that, it made sense for the U.S. government to help contain it because the Islamic world, which the IS threatens most directly, must destroy it sooner or later. But internetting that beheading was a gory declaration of America’s impotence—a dare-by-deed that is sure to move countless young persons around the globe to get in on killing us, anywhere they can. The longer the Islamic State survives, the more will take up its dare. Either we kill the IS, or we will deserve the wave of terrorism that will engulf us.

Killing the IS requires neither more nor less than waging war—not as the former administration waged its “war on terror,” nor by the current administration’s pinpricks, nor according to the too-clever-by-half stratagems taught in today’s politically correct military war colleges, but rather by war in the dictionary meaning of the word. To make war is to kill the spirit as well as the body of the enemy, so terribly as to make sure that it will not rise again, and that nobody will want to imitate it.

That requires first isolating the Islamic State politically and physically to deprive all within it of the capacity to make war, and even to eat. Then it requires killing all who bear arms and all who are near them.

Sadly I do not think Americans have the stomach for it. At least not yet. It means wiping out the Wahabis, the Salafis, the Muslim Brotherhood, all their kindred spirits and anyone who supports them. We must not be like the Israelis who are far too kind to their enemies.