I was looking for news about this image which was part of a video posted here and came across this bit of news.

As Israel’s Offensive Into Gaza Grows, France Bans Pro-Palestinian Protests

In France the government placed a ban on Saturday’s expected rally as tensions between Jewish and Muslim communities is spiking. Citing a “threat to public order”, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve backed the police ban on the widely-advertised mass demonstrations, after members of the Jewish Defense League (LDJ) and pro-Palestinian groups clashed last Sunday.

So it is not a decline of support. It is that the demonstrations become violent. What has been somewhat unusual is that Hamas has not been given a LOT of support by Western Governments.

Another headline from the same site announces Palestinians Killed by Israeli Military, Pawns for Hamas. So maybe some reporters are catching on to the human shield game the Palestinians play. The more dead the better for Hamas. Disgusting. More from that link:

Hamas continues to fire rockets into open spaces in Israel. Is this a provocation for war? Yes. But the death toll on the Israeli side is incredibly low. In fact, since this latest battle has begun, as I mentioned above, only one Israeli civilian has died. Is Hamas incapable of harming Israelis? No. Sources again tell me that Hamas is playing a political game and wants to see the death toll among Palestinians as high as possible for international sympathy, aid and support. These sources work on the ground to protect the Palestinians from abuses by the Israeli government and abuse by Hamas. They tell me that Hamas does not care for the Palestinian people and sees them as the means to an end. The deaths of innocent people is what Hamas is hoping for.

Therefore, I am told that when the “roof knockers” are fired over homes that at times civilians and families are kept inside, held at gunpoint. These civilians are literally prevented from leaving the building in hopes that they are killed by an airstrike. The higher the number of civilian casualties, the better for Hamas.

The more dead bodies the better for Hamas. That is some ugly shit. And reporters seem to be waking up to what is going on. At this point I wouldn’t say that sympathy for Israel is rising. But sympathy for the Palestinians in particular an Arabs in general is definitely falling.