First I read that an American governor (a Republican often thought of as having a libertarian bent) is ordering American troops to perform domestic law enforcement.

HOUSTON — When Gov. Rick Perry of Texas announced plans to deploy 1,000 National Guard troops to help with the border crisis, it came with a power unexpected by some. By deploying them himself rather than through Washington, he has the power to order the troops to make arrests and apprehensions, something Guard troops in past border deployments have been prohibited from doing.


A 19th-century federal law that makes it a crime for military personnel to perform civilian law enforcement activities does not apply to state-duty troops.

Oh, isn’t that just reassuring as hell?

Then I read that Obama’s Border Patrol is threatening Boy Scouts with 10 years in prison for taking pictures.

Jim Fox, leader of the Mid-Iowa Boy Scout Troop 111, told an Iowa television station one of his scouts took a photo of a Border Patrol official and agents immediately leapt into action. “The agent immediately confiscated his camera, informed him he would be arrested, fined possibly $10,000 and 10 years in prison,” he said. Fox alleges one agent drew his pistol and pointed it a scout’s head after the scout attempted to retrieve luggage from the top of the van in which the scouts were traveling.

The CBP denies it, so who knows what actually happened? The point is, liberals and conservatives work in collusion to expand government power at every turn, and no one seems to know what to do about it. Those who want to be left alone keep voting, but the more they vote, the more the monster grows. That’s because electing them gives them power.

It’s almost enough to engender feelings of superstitious nostalgia.