Subsection F

In an article about a teen who was killed by a police woman while answering the door with something in his hand (a Wii controller according to the family) a commenter explains the law: Police officers have an exception under title F, section Y, subsection T, paragraph W. For further elucidation read this post.

Is there anything Duct Tape can’t do?

Here’s something most people don’t know. A local high school couple won a prize in a national duct tape prom outfit contest: Two Pinckney area teens are feeling ducky after a third place finish in a national duct tape prom outfit contest. Gabrielle Farina, 19, and Ryan Danko, 18, will receive $3,000 each in scholarship money from […]

Well, This Is Going To Complicate Things

Some one (suspected to be a Russian separatist fighter. The separatists in my opinion are at least lead by Russian special forces teams) has shot down a Malaysian Airliner with 295 aboard at the Russian/Ukranian border. Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 shot down over territory held by Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine Body parts and wreckage […]

Ozzies End Tax On Plant Food

Australia has rescinded their carbon tax. As of today, Australia no longer has the most expensive “carbon” price in the world. The voters didn’t ask for a tax in 2010, but it was forced on them in 2011. They rejected it wholeheartedly in 2013 but it still has taken months to start unwinding this completely […]

Toll Roads

Some commenters at Reason are discussing the pros and cons of toll roads. One commenter said: Tolls reduce congestion. To which I responded: I prefer cough medicine.

“I know more about the unknown than you do!”

Disagreements about the unknown are one thing. (Not a new topic…) But when someone tells me he knows the unknown, I am skeptical –regardless of what form his particular “knowledge” of the unknown might take.

Not real crime, just bored kids???

In a discussion of neighborhood crime earlier today, an intellectual with a Ph.D. argued that crimes committed by “bored” kids are not as serious as the same crimes committed by “real” criminals. I replied that I am more troubled by crimes committed for their entertainment value than those grounded in more typical criminal motives (such as […]

At least Western Archaeologists could appreciate what is being destroyed

Bastards. No really. These people are sick beyond measure. Here’s a picture showing what Isis did recently. I think all of that stuff should have been crated up years ago and sent to the British Museum. But no! It’s considered the “cultural property” of psychopathic crackpots who can destroy it. What a pity. We’re talking […]

ISIS In Egypt And America


Calling it “SPYING AND LYING,” Glenn Reynolds links an article that really ought to shock more people. The unconstitutional DEA has virtually unlimited access to all of our telephone records, and agents are taught to routinely lie about where they got them. Shortly after the Snowden leaks began exposing the NSA’s massive collection efforts, the New […]

Ordinary life has become a crime

In a growing and very ominous trend, what used to be considered normal, innocuous behavior is being treated as crime. A mother in Bristol, Connecticut, was charged with leaving a child unsupervised in a car Wednesday. How old was the helpless tyke? Eleven. Why was she in the car? She asked her mom if she could stay there. Was […]

Reigning cats and dogs

This is funny:

The FYTW Clause

Reason Magazine is discussing the problems marijuana businesses in Colorado are having paying taxes. In order to pay the taxes properly the businesses would have to break quite a few Federal laws. A commenter explains the clause in the Constitution that covers both pot prohibition and the behavior of the IRS. WTF 7.11.14 @ 2:43PM […]

Flushing Prohibition

From the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.

The Chinese Are Attacking

Scanners used to track shipments of goods all over the planet are infected with Chinese malware. Here are some of the things it does. The scanned data (origin, destination, contents, value, to, from, etc.) was copied and sent out to an established comprehensive command and control connection (CnC) to a Chinese botnet that was terminated […]

CO2 – Airborne Fertilizer

In the beginning of the video he follows the money and explains why we have a parrot brigade singing CO2 doom.

Chris Monckton

You can watch a more recent appearance of Chris in Las Vegas (the Monkton stuff begins at 32 minutes into the video): Christopher Monckton at Las Vegas Chris is highly entertaining. If he wasn’t into other things he could be a Las Vegas act.

Follow The Money

What if the Green Movement is not saving the planet but enslaving humanity? You can get the movie Blue from Amazon.

Period Doubling

The above chart which shows that volcanic activity increases during cool periods in Earth’s climate was something I first saw around 2007. I got the graph from “Ice Age Now” where a commenter had this to say: as a sound engineer, i notice the oscilations of these cycles, or waves….notice how they come closer togheter, […]

The Electric Universe

I came across a comment which says Piers Corbyn 7 July 2014: “There is no observational evidence in the real world of real data in the real atmosphere and real ocean of their deluded claim that CO2 changes drive temperature changes.” and went looking for the source of that comment. It is not in text […]