According to whoever wrote this piece for CBS Detroit, it’s a given that water is a “human right”:

DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s a basic human right: water. But could the United Nations soon help the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department provide the service to struggling customers?

Water department spokeswoman Curtrise Garner says it’s a possibility — but for now, the water bills must be paid.

No one wants anyone to die of thirst, OK? But having water piped into your house so that it comes out when you turn on the faucet is another matter.

Back in the 1930s, my father paid to have running water piped into my grandparents’ house and a flush toilet installed. Before that they had a well, a pump, and an outhouse. They raised four kids (including my dad) that way.

So… while I might be willing to concede that people have a right to water, there is also this process called living, and it is not entirely passive. It might mean that if you want water, you might have to go get it.

And if you want someone else to bring it to you (which is what plumbing and water service are all about), you might just have to pay.

Making other people pay for your water is hardly a human right.

Just the opposite.