Goofy ideas always seem to start in California, and this one is no exception.

Drivers in Berkeley, California may soon get a stern warning about the impact of carbon emissions on the environment every time they fill up at the gas pump.

As the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday, officials in the famously progressive city will consider a proposal to require gas stations to affix stickers warning that carbon dioxide emissions contribute to climate change and its adverse effects. If approved, the measure would make Berkeley the first American city to mandate such warnings.

The design for the stickers, which was approved by two city environmental panels, is modeled after warnings on cigarettes. The warning would remind drivers that the state of California considers rising greenhouse gas levels to be a threat to the public’s health and safety.

The “Beyond The Pump” campaign has been led by 350 Bay Area, a grassroots environmental group.

It is nothing but government-mandated propaganda.

Here’s the warning label:


I don’t think the government should have a monopoly in matters of opinion. Alternate opinions should be allowed.

Otherwise, I think vandalism is appropriate response. (With the above, they might start with the word “visable.”)

To give an idea of how Stalinesque these control freaks are, check out their argument for “creating demand”:

Creating Demand for Non/Very Low-Carbon Transportation

FACT: California is spending billions to create alternative options to driving a gas guzzling car. (buses, rail, denser housing, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, congestion pricing, electric car credits). These investments are going to expand rapidly in coming decades and will grow the supply side of greener mobility options for Californians.

CHALLENGE: Simultaneously, nothing is being planned for the demand side of the equation. While all of the efforts therefore are being focused on creating the ‘greenest party on the planet’, nothing is being spent on actually ‘inviting’ the guests. We need to start priming the pump by creating DEMAND for green transportation options now. If we create the infrastructure but don’t get the corresponding demand, we will be crushed by the very cost of maintaining that service. With every dollar being precious, we can’t afford to have empty buses statewide.

Invited? Do these fools actually think that supply will create demand? I doubt it. I think that in their view, “creating demand” means simply that whether you like it or not, you should be made to ride a bike, made to live in dense housing, and made to ride the bus.

Or else.

No wonder productive people are leaving California.