Earlier I pondered a remarkable idea from Arne Duncan and the Department of Education — that mentally retarded people should be attending college. Yes, the government is spending millions on this, and naturally, the mentally retarded are being dumped not into Harvard, Yale, or the nice colleges attended by the children of those who come up with these policies, but into community colleges, traditionally attended by people at the bottom of the economic ladder who are trying to move up. That way, poor and lower working class people who only wanted to better themselves end up having class time wasted on people who simply do not belong in college.

To say that this sets a new low for dumbing down is understatement. But it helps explain the urgent insistence on eliminating the term “mental retardation” and replacing it with “learning disability.” While the ostensible goal was to end bigotry, as a practical matter it makes it more difficult for people fully comprehend what is a serious wrong.

Anyway, as I thought about this, I found myself sarcastically wondering why there hasn’t been more pressure to make trampolines wheelchair accessible, and I saw this:

Looks like discrimination to me!