So says the Duck Dynasty guy who probably wants to be considered the great bearded prophet to denounce evil America.

Oddly enough, I agree with him that “sin” is not logical. I’ve never been able to see any logic in arguments to authority. Sure, lots of things are considered sins by lots of religions, but whether a particular act is right or wrong does not depend on the opinion of an authority figure, whether the authority be God (whose identity cannot be established with any degree of accuracy) or humans claiming to speak for God.  A perfect example is the man the Duck Dynasty prophet quotes — St. Paul (as well as those who believe that only they are interpreting his long lost original texts correctly, and that he was speaking on behalf of God). There is no way to have a logical argument with people who think that way, and logic is a waste of time.

The correct argument would be along the lines of “You think I’m a sinner and so what?”

But I guess some people are so fragile that they absolutely cannot handle the idea of anyone calling them sinners.

You’d almost think they believe in the basic concept.