While my brain probably won’t live long for my having such opinions, I think this is so fucked up as to defy analysis:

Five teenagers charged with murder over death of 17-year-old girl who took synthetic LSD as police trace drug supply chain

First, the drug involved is not “synthetic LSD.” It is not chemically similar enough to LSD to be called that.

Not that the press cares. They are the front line foot soldiers charged with endlessly advancing the war on drugs, and they report the government line no matter what.

The idea that selling any drug to a willing buyer is “murder” if the buyer voluntarily consumes it is about as logical as charging a liquor store owner with murder if someone drinks himself to death (which happens a lot more often than 25I-NBOMe overdoses).

And the idea of letting the DEA declare the possession of a drug to be a federal felony — which the DEA did in the case of 25I-NBOMe — is a supreme outrage. Placing the United States Constitution aside (which it has to be for most discussions of federal power these days), if you think about this for a moment, it’s like letting the police decide for themselves what ought to be illegal, and then arresting people for it. But in the name of the war on drugs, the police have been put in charge of science.

The supreme irony that no one seems to catch is that these drugs are direct byproducts of the ridiculous laws promulgated by the war on drugs, in the same way that what we call “tax loopholes” are a creation of the tax laws.

The drug warriors gave birth to them, and now they wage war against their own spawn.