Leave it to a drag queen to have some balls.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race,” the reality-competition show RuPaul hosts on Logo, came under fire this past season for using “She-Mail” to describe messages from the host. (“Shemale” is considered a derogatory term for transgender people.) And RuPaul also courted controversy by remarking on Marc Maron’s podcast that those offended by the use of the word “tranny” “are fringe people who are looking for story lines to strengthen their identity as victims.” (For its part, Logo refused to broadcast “any anti-trans rhetoric.”)

Over the weekend, RuPaul accused those offended by his use of that term as well as “tranny” of operating in bad faith and policing his behavior in an attempt to become the oppressor, mocked the idea that the Logo network had distanced itself from his remarks, and joked about the concept of an LGBT community in the first place.

There’s more, and he pulls no punches.

Politically correct LGBT activists are becoming more oppressive and tyrannical than the people they believe are their theoretical oppressors.

Sooner or later, someone with the proper credentials will acknowledge something I have seen in the past decade: that LGBT activists have created a climate that actually keeps gays in the closet. Independent, self respecting people do not want to be owned by a bunch of self-appointed busybodies. The anti-gay so-con activists couldn’t accomplish such a thing in their wildest dreams, because they’re a joke.

Naturally, such ironies are totally lost on humorless gay Stalinists, who would probably just as soon keep people who disagree with their thinking in the closet.

It’s refreshing to see an outrageous public figure like Ru Paul mock them.