Not so fast!

Here in Ann Arbor, young people who want to use app-based rideshare services are in for a rude awakening. The status quo is threatened:

It didn’t take long for Ann Arbor city officials to call for an end to the newly launched rideshare services Uber and Lyft.

On May 14, just three weeks after the companies launched locally, Ann Arbor City Attorney Kristen Larcom sent cease and desist letters demanding that the companies immediately put an end to their Ann Arbor operations.

“It has been reported and has been observed that … (Lyft and Uber) are aiding and abetting the unlawful operation of (Lyft and Uber) vehicles for hire in the city of Ann Arbor,” the letter stated.

“The city demands that (Uber and Lyft) comply with the Michigan Limousine Transportation Act by ceasing and desisting from soliciting persons to sign up … to operate in the city without requiring them to and ensuring that they comply with the act. It is incumbent upon (Uber and Lyft) also to inform persons who seek to operate their vehicles as (Uber and Lyft) vehicles that they must comply with the act and any other federal, state or local laws. All persons and entities involved are advised to consult with their attorneys.”

In an April 22 meeting following the launch of the app-driven, on-demand transportation systems Uber and Lyft – which connect users with a driver through the use of a mobile device – the Ann Arbor Taxi board discussed the potential for requiring the companies’ drivers to register with the city as taxis.

Naturally. What government licenses, government controls. Not that I blame the taxicab companies for looking out for number one, any more than I blame restaurants for organizing to shut down taco trucks and hot dog vendors. These people pay big money to the government for the privilege to operate, so they demand that the little guys be kept out — the public be damned.

In fact, that app-based ridesharing may be what the younger, gadget-savvy Ann Arborites could be the whole problem.

I like this comment from A2YoungProfessional:

“Number one issue: making twentysomethings aware that they’re ruining Ann Arbor and everything they like is stupid, OK? We’d be better off without them and we need to make it clear that they’re not welcome, OK? Number one issue.”

Is that it? Do aging leftist boomers hate the young?

Politics aside, I’m reminded of that line from Clockwork Orange about “old age having a go at youth.”

I think the golden age boomers really ought to be nicer, because it’s the twentysomethings who in theory will be taking care of them, right? I mean, if the boomers sponged off the Greatest Generation till they were gone, and now it’s the Millenials’ turn, shouldn’t they be more grateful?

Or do parasites of the human variety resent their hosts? Sometimes I wonder.

Another thing that bugs me about the boomers is that they got away with so much shit when they were young, but they have ZERO TOLERANCE for young people today getting away with anything. Why is that? As an aging boomer myself, I feel the need ask these questions, because I don’t see them getting much attention.