Shit! I had barely gotten used to the WorldNetDaily idea that tofu makes you gay, only to learn that Common Core does pretty much the same thing:

Replacing Florida’s Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) with a new statewide school exam based on the Common Core standards is part of an agenda to turn kids gay, according to one Florida lawmaker.

In video published by Think Progress on Monday, State Rep. Charles Van Zant (R) warned the company hired to produce Florida’s next statewide exam, American Institutes for Research, had a secret agenda to transform straight youths into homosexuals.

I’ll just bet.

Because, as all anti-gay so-cons know, no one is ever born gay. Which by logical implication also must mean no one is ever born straight, right? People are only turned into these things by outside influences.

IMO, the nutjobs are helping Common Core.

The more I try to take such people seriously, the more I can’t. They are unable to realize that their nonsense is unpopular. Only gay activists and and anti-gay activists like it.