“Why is it always a white guy?”

I found this Salon “analysis” of mass murder very entertaining — especially the rhetorical question in the title itself: Why is it always a white guy: The roots of modern, violent rage The LAX shooter, once again, is reported to be a white male. Here’s why they’re always first to violence To drive home the […]

An Auto You Can’t Refuse

Elon Musk has found a sure fire way to make money. Get men with guns (government) to mandate your product. Health care (Obamacare), windmills, and solar cells are just the start. Musk’s latest venture? A very large battery factory. Musk is already making money from the zero-emissions laws. This year, the laws require that 1% […]

They Burn Babies Don’t They?

Cops in Geogia burned a 19 month old baby with a pyrotechnic grenade in a drug raid that has so far ( 3 days later) turned up no drugs – (this link has a picture of the burned baby – it will make you furious or retch. Or both). Habersham County, Georgia, Sheriff Joey Terrell […]

Good for Ru Paul!

Leave it to a drag queen to have some balls. “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” the reality-competition show RuPaul hosts on Logo, came under fire this past season for using “She-Mail” to describe messages from the host. (“Shemale” is considered a derogatory term for transgender people.) And RuPaul also courted controversy by remarking on Marc Maron’s podcast […]

In the war against pleasure, loopholes become felonious!

While my brain probably won’t live long for my having such opinions, I think this is so fucked up as to defy analysis: Five teenagers charged with murder over death of 17-year-old girl who took synthetic LSD as police trace drug supply chain First, the drug involved is not “synthetic LSD.” It is not chemically similar […]

Don’t Be A Joiner

Apropos Eric’s recent post and a suggestion from Michael Totten on Facebook

Fountain of Youth

I am lucky enough to have my Middle School drinking fountain, which I found at a neighbor’s yard sale when I lived on the East Coast, and thought I recognized because I remembered the words on the foundry casting — “HAWS DRINKING FAUCET CO., BERKELEY, CA.” After plunking down my five bucks, I asked the […]

Springtime romance!

Coco has a new boyfriend. He’s a huge 9 month old puppy named George, and he is going to be one big bruiser. They almost look related, so it was love at first sight. Coco wanted to go home with him.

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope everyone had fun. And be sure to remember.    

A forbidden but common word that has become far too powerful

A word now used mainly by certain members the race it was originally intended to degrade has turned into a monster — the use of which can have devastating consequences. A Tennessee man who was accused of using a racial slur on a receipt at a Red Lobster restaurant last year is suing the restaurant […]

“the vandalism also could have been caused by activist groups working against the war on drugs”

That’s what pro-Drug War prosecutors are saying about a billboard near the El Paso border which is widely seen as a threat by the drug cartels: Two frightening incidents of vandalism in El Paso near the Mexican border in Texas have been interpreted as warnings from drug cartels. In both instances, a mannequin wearing a […]

They Shoot Dogs – Don’t They

From Reason. Police entered a back yard in Mobile, Alabama, encountered a dog, and shot it. A Tehachapi, California, officer saw a dog run toward him while he was performing routine code enforcement checks. “He just pulled out his gun and boom, boom, boom,” reported a witness. An officer responding to a complaint about a […]

“sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

So says the Duck Dynasty guy who probably wants to be considered the great bearded prophet to denounce evil America. Oddly enough, I agree with him that “sin” is not logical. I’ve never been able to see any logic in arguments to authority. Sure, lots of things are considered sins by lots of religions, but […]

Waxing philosophically

An earwax-eating Democrat seems to have declared that Communism works: Democratic Florida Rep. Joe Garcia — fresh off being caught eating his own earwax on camera — was caught red-handed (or is it yellow-fingered?) in another gaffe this week, claiming that low crime rates in border cities with lots of federal immigration workers is proof […]

Because Pot Makes People Stupid

The FBI is having recruiting problems. So they may be looking for a few good pot heads. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has long had a clear policy on marijuana: It doesn’t hire anyone who has smoked it in the previous three years. But the bureau is rethinking that stance, according to FBI Director James […]

Street Corner Fascism

This little missive was prompted by some of my earnest compatriots entreating me to join a demonstration to get some law made. I’m not going to mention the cause. It doesn’t matter. The Dangers of “There Ought To Be A Law“ What if it turns out to be a bad law? It becomes very difficult […]

“additional counselors were on hand”

That’s what they always say in cases like this: Witnesses say that Brendan Houston, a first-grade student at Herndon Magnet School, had alighted the bus in North Highland, a suburb of Shreveport, when he realized his shoe laces had been tied together. He stopped to fix the laces, but the bus driver, Debra Stevens, didn’t […]

Avert your eyes!

Shit! I had barely gotten used to the WorldNetDaily idea that tofu makes you gay, only to learn that Common Core does pretty much the same thing: Replacing Florida’s Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) with a new statewide school exam based on the Common Core standards is part of an agenda to turn kids gay, according […]

But ride sharing is sustainable and good and progressive, right?

Not so fast! Here in Ann Arbor, young people who want to use app-based rideshare services are in for a rude awakening. The status quo is threatened: It didn’t take long for Ann Arbor city officials to call for an end to the newly launched rideshare services Uber and Lyft. On May 14, just three […]

Getting to the root cause