Yes, we’re up to three asterisks now.  We already knew Obama illegally used the IRS to suppress the Tea Party during the  2012 election, and that he flat-out lied about being able to keep your doctor or insurance (who thinks Obama would have won re-election if Obamacare took effect in 2012?  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?), now it turns out that, yes, FOIAs reveal proof the lies about Benghazi were wholly politically driven, intended to shelter the President from the obvious criticism that his Libya policy was ceding large portions of the country to Al Qaeda (who are now reportedly enjoying the military base American taxpayers so kindly built for them).

No doubt this will shock the 24% of Americans who think Obama’s doing a great job, but it’s unlikely they’re capable of processing the information anyway.  Fortunately most Americans are a bit more on the ball so it looks like the damage he can do will be limited by increased GOP Congressional majorities.