A stirring defense of McCarthyism.  Not sure Randall quite realizes everything he’s implicitly condoning, which easily covers the Hollywood Ten blacklist and openly political firings as well as having people remove your books from libraries and burn them.

I always wonder how these people would have reacted to, say, firing people for criticizing the military intervention in Iraq.  Sigh, from “McCarthyism” to “consequences” in a few short years.

McCarthy, some people are surprised to learn, never actually jailed anyone for advocating or subscribing to any particular viewpoint and neither did the House UnAmerican Activities Commission (unlike FDR, whose engaged in mass arrests of war protesters, along with indefinite detentions for many people of Asian extraction).  They mostly just pulled people suspected of Communist sympathies in front of their respective bodies, harangued them, and suggested they should be fired, particularly if they worked in sensitive government or media positions.

Of course, today all right-thinking people agree McCarthy was a thug for suppressing an ideology that murdered 100M people, while having a position on the definition of marriage is reasonable grounds for being fired.