Two more headlines serve as reminders.

SWAT Team Raids Family Home After Finding Tea Leaves In The Garbage

Innocent Man Gets Dead Wife and 25 Years in Jail; Lying Prosecutor Gets 10 Days in Prison

The problem is that it’s incredibly difficult to hold these people accountable. As Glenn Reynolds said, “our criminal justice system has become a crime.” He recommended stripping away their immunity, and holding officials to the same standards to which they hold everyone else. I couldn’t agree more.

In other news, a California state senator who happens to be a major gun control proponent has been charged with illegal arms trafficking

The man that wants to take almost all firearms out of the hands of Californians allegedly promised to deliver shoulder-fire rockets and full-auto machine guns to undercover operatives.

Nice. Once again, they are not anti-gun, just anti-freedom. Similarly, the people who run the schools are not really anti-bullying; they just want total power to tyrannize children.

The overall situation is hypocritical beyond words, and it keeps getting worse.

You would almost think they were trying to trigger some sort of reaction.