As M. Simon recently advised me that his new goal involves the Arduino market, I thought a post was in order about these little devices, which are propagating a mini-revolution of sorts.

They are incredibly cool, and smaller than a mobile phone, yet capable of doing just about whatever you want them to do.

In a charmer of a video, this guy explains what the excitement is about.

They can also provide countless hours of fun if you use them to hack old toys.

Or build your own drone:

Or open digital locks.

It should go without saying that some people don’t like them.

I think that the hate stems from the old-school hackers’ belief that you have to know everything about everything before you can do anything, and that the other 97% of the population is just plain wrong to not think the way they do. In a perfect world, noone should be allowed to operate a motor vehicle without fully understanding the nuances of the internal combustion engine.

That’s precisely the appeal of these things. Those who don’t like them, by all means can refrain from buying them. For others, at ten bucks they’re a steal.