I finally succumbed to economic pressure and got a new phone. Er, device.

I like my new device for a number of reasons, but there is one major reason I don’t like it.

Size. It is too big, and too vulnerable. I cannot carry it around freely in my pocket, not only because it is too big, but because I am afraid I will break it.

This picture will hopefully explain.


On the left is my beloved flip phone, which served me well for years. I used to always have it in my left pocket with my car keys. It rattled around and got totally scratched up till you can see through it to the insides, but it never failed to work. The new one makes me nervous, because it is big, breakable, and the screen is exposed.

Anyway, I don’t carry my phone the way I used to, and I have been missing calls I never used to miss.

I guess that’s progress, right?

(BTW, there’s no going back or switching back and forth, because the SIMs are not interchangeable.)