A more balanced world

This amazing tale of ritual sex and cannibalism beats most of the horror stories floating around today. Except it took place in 1961, and the victim was Michael Rockefeller, son of Nelson Rockefeller. A Harvard scholar, he had traveled to an isolated part of New Guinea to study primitive art, and ended up ritually butchered and […]

Americans must sniffle and sneeze so Mexicans can be tortured and killed

A lot of people think that the War on Sudafed is simply an inconvenience for Sudafed purchasers. Similar to the way they’ve become accustomed to being delayed and searched at airports, Americans just shrug their shoulders and let the pharmacy employees enter their drivers license information into government databases, so that illicit meth lab operators […]

Making Them Eat Their Own Words

Pointman has a new post up on how he sabotages the Green Movement (Heil Gaia) by agreeing with them in an over the top way. It is hilarious. A typical stunt by him (a her when with the Greenies) is calling for Nuremberg trials for deniers followed by hangings. “My adepts stand upright; their head […]


Some nice psychoceramics. (Yes, as I explore this technology, I’m becoming more and more of a crackpot.)

Cheap, low cost, sustainable power? No way!

This video is charmingly titled “Bloom Box: The Alternative Energy that Terrifies Obama”: I don’t know how much of the Bloom Box technology is real and how much is hype, but what I do know is that if it does pan out, environmentalists will hate it. The idea of affordable, cleaner, off the grid energy […]

What? We should want a strong Obama?

Here’s something that should surprise no one. A recent poll indicates that a majority of Americans think Putin is a stronger leader than Obama: Maybe it is the photos of him posing shirtless on horseback, or his military push into Ukraine, but Americans in a new poll believe Russian President Vladimir Putin is a much […]

Not anti-gun, just pro-tyranny

Saying “I TOLD YOU SO!” is not a very emotionally rewarding experience for me. But a Reason piece confirmed one of my longstanding peeves. “Psycho Door-Kicking Cop Embodies Strong Argument Against Gun Registration” Gun rights circles are buzzing over Facebook gloating by a Branford, Connecticut, police officer over the power the state’s new gun (and […]

Weed 2 – Sanjay Gupta Fights The Machine

I’m beginning to wonder how the drug warriors can sleep at night. Ah. I forgot. Honor dies where interest lies. Or the American version: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” – Upton Sinclair This fits in with what Eric had to say […]

Not so fast!

For the past two days, it really seemed like Spring was here. Temperatures rose to the 50s, and the huge mountains of show were busily melting away. For the first time in months, I could walk without having to balance myself on the ice. Today is a different story. It’s pretty much certain Wednesday’s storm […]

Did you know?

Writing in WorldNetDaily (where else?) American crackpot Scott Lively blames problems in the Ukraine on the homos: “…the greatest point of conflict between the U.S. and Russia is the question of homosexuality,” he posited, adding, “I believe even the conflict in Ukraine is being driven to a large extent by this issue, at least on […]

“People are more scared of dying than they are of using drugs”

A friend sent me a link to an interesting article about an old, long-demonized drug: “First LSD Study in 40 Years Shows Promising Medical Uses“ According to the study, the drug helps ease the anxiety of terminally ill people. Picking up where the medical community left off in the ’60s, scientists recently investigated the effects […]

Print a microscope, for fifty cents!

It’s reaching the point where there isn’t anything that can’t be printed these days. Most people have heard about guns, houses, ceramics, etc., but today I learned about printing microscopes. From paper: A new microscope can be printed on a flat piece of paper and assembled with a few extra components in less than 10 […]

An unattributed quote which has legs!

Fake quotes on the Internet are nothing new, and the biggest problem with them is the difficulty of disproving them. The more famous the person quoted, the greater the likelihood that everything he said for public consumption exists in an accessible archive somewhere, and that if the attributed quote is not to be found there, […]

Today’s judges are more creative than ever!

While the term “kids for cash” might sound morally repellant, relax! It’s now a judicial concept. Painful scene from a new documentary ‘Kids For Cash’. The woman in this photo lost her son, Ed Kenzakoski, who was so disturbed by his multiple unjust prison sentences that he took his own life. The mother screams in horror […]

Well, I’ve Been Kinda Busy Lately

A system me and a few friends have been working on for the last couple of years is nearing completion of development. It is a tiny controller board that harkens back to the early days of computers. Although it is big by those standards. It has 32K of ROM (Flash actually – no programmer required) […]

Dalinian thinking

This is not only a beautiful sight to behold, but it is narrated by Salvador Dali:  

A situation that shouldn’t be hopeless, but is

Speaking of things that Suck Big Time, what a lovely headline I found staring me in the face. 2016? Hillary Clinton 47%, Jeb Bush 33% The latest round of speculation about the 2016 presidential race stars former Florida Governor Jeb Bush whose Republican nomination could potentially lead to a matchup between two powerhouse political families. […]

Good old “pay to play”

I am having a nostalgic moment. Back when I was living in Philly, there was a huge scandal involved corrupt then-Mayor John Street which was called “Pay to Play.” The general idea of Pay to Play has its own Wiki entry (which doesn’t mention Street, but does cover Illinois Governor Rod Blog Blagojevich). Today I learned that […]

Is Putin the Great Right Hope?

Is Vladimir Putin emerging as some sort of conservative hero? Earlier I left a comment saying that I would not write a post about such things, as I don’t need the headaches. But an article I read made me decide to take that back. After all, if other people are already discussing the issue, I […]

Toward a greener future!

As as I was reminded earlier by this scene, we really need to get people out of their cars and onto bicycles!