To see a child helping a disturbed child with a serious problem and preventing him from killing or seriously injuring himself kind of renews my faith in humanity.

You might think that a child who did this would be praised to the skies, if not rewarded.

But you would be wrong. Instead of being rewarded for heroism, this child was actually punished:

When sixth-grader Adrionna Harris noticed a classmate cutting his arm with a razor blade, she convinced him that his behavior wasn’t a good idea and managed to get the blade from him — and she threw it away.

Apparently no teachers were around during the incident last Thursday, and Harris viewed the circumstances as an emergency.

Turns out her actions were officially recognized by Bayside Middle School in Virginia Beach, Va. — but Harris won’t be tucking any certificates into a scrapbook.

She got a notice of a 10-day suspension and threat of expulsion after telling the administration last Friday what happened — and it’s apparently due to the school’s zero-tolerance policy regarding weapons on campus, WAVY-TV in Hampton Roads, Va. reported.

“I took the razor blade, and then I threw it away immediately…I didn’t carry it around the school…I didn’t use it against anyone…I threw it away,” she told WAVY.

Rachael Harris, Adrionna’s mother, told WAVY she was “shocked and surprised…that a student would get suspended for saving another child.”

“The school system overreached absolutely.”

I consider this too insane for words. Yet it does not surprise me in light of the well established track record the schools have for enforcing so-called “zero tolerance” to the point of ABSOLUTE INSANITY.

What I would like to know is why parents and taxpayers put up with this crap. Perhaps they figure there is nothing they can do. Voting changes nothing, as these things are systematized.


What language might the tyrants understand?