A friend of mine was touting the marvels of solar energy in Hawaii. So I wrote him something to try to get him back to reality.

Hawaii has always had very high energy costs. They can afford the high cost of “Green”. That is mitigated to some extent by the tropical climate moderated by oceans. It is a special place. In Great Britian OTOH the move to green energy has caused 30,000 excess deaths in winter. Germany’s industry is becoming uneconomic due to the costs of “Green” energy. So they are scrapping the “Green” plan and moving to coal fired plants. In Spain the “Green” plan has cost 2 jobs for every job created in “Green” industries. Spain has some of the highest unemployment rates in Europe.

Now if you were doing solar cells would a good place for them be near he equator or northern Minnesota?

On top of all that “Green” industries couldn’t survive at their current level without Federal and State subsidies.

Proof that “Green” is a bad idea? It can’t survive without handouts. Your government at work. And yes “conventional” power gets subsidies and more of them. But the correct way to think about its is subsidy/KWh. For the “Greens” it is 10X to 20X higher.

So how is the scam pulled off? Most people don’t run the numbers. Most people don’t get thermodynamics (a wicked subject). Most people don’t get computer models. A good computer model gets you to within 5% and there are multiple ways to make mistakes even then. The best models get you to about 1% and that takes a LOT of effort accounting for second order effects. The climate modelers claim much better than .3% accuracy and the problem involves important third, fourth, and higher order effects. Did I mention unknowns? Did I mention knowns unaccounted for? Did I mention unknown interactions between the knowns? Did I mention chaos and strange attractors? That may have something to do with why temperatures don’t rise steadily but seem to change in jumps. You see it in weather. It tends to change in jumps.

I wouldn’t put a lot of faith in climate models.