Randy made a comment that I think deserves a lot more eyeballs. It is nothing different from what Eric or myself have been saying about the Drug War. But Randy was en fuegpo with this one. == And I would imagine that several highly placed DEA functionaries opened up some off shore bank accounts which […]

Mass Produced NSFW 2,000 BC

4,000-year-old erotica depicts a strikingly racy ancient sexuality. And yes. The site is definitely Not Safe For Work, unless you work in the proper discipline. Archeology, ancient history, and B&D establishments probably qualify. Museums are often misconstrued as dusty and lifeless — the least likely place to find something hot and steamy. But the Ancient […]

Root causes

A Justin Bieber fan I am not. That I assure you. In fact, just yesterday I “shared” the following image on Facebook: Not having a clue about today’s news, my caption was, “If we can save just one Justin Bieber fan…” Simple, gentle, snark, not intended as a putdown of anyone. I probably should have […]

On Congress

They could at least spend it on booze and hookers. Then I wouldn’t feel like it was being WASTED. Moar.

I Feel

I feel a great disturbance in the (work)Force. As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. From: Zero Hedge Also this from ZH. People don’t just drop out of the labor market, they drop off the ladder. Step by step they lose the ability to maintain ourselves in a […]

Was A Pot Deal Made?

As Eric has noted, American politics is beginning to smell, badly. And then commenter Frank brought up this little gem from Business Insider – Australia in light of my comment that Obama may be holding back raids on legal pot shops in Colorado and Washington in order to collect evidence on them for later prosecution. […]

How to skew the results of the “question of the day”

Another image I found on Facebook, which purports to be a Fox News screenshot: Anyone regular reader of this blog probably realizes that I have thought that about marijuana before I ever heard of Barack Obama. That Barack Obama might think the same thing is irrelevant to my thought processes, and what he thinks has […]

How Cannabis Cures Cancer

Dennis Hill explains how cannabis kills cancer cells in: How Cannabis Oil Works to Kill Cancer Cells. First let’s look at what keeps cancer cells alive, then we will come back and examine how the cannabinoids CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) unravels cancer’s aliveness. In every cell there is a family of interconvertible sphingolipids that […]

Coming To A Hospital Near You

Nordic welfare state being cut down to size but it is being augmented here in the US. In Sweden, visitors are sometimes surprised to learn about year-long waiting times for cancer patients… Well that is bad. But we do have hope in the US for improving cancer treatment: Cannabis For Brain Tumors. If only our […]

Gaza Is In A World Of Hurt

Egypt is cracking down on Gaza: … Egypt cracked down on the smuggling tunnels along Gaza’s southern border. The tunnels secured nearly 70 percent of Gazans’ commercial needs, including construction materials, as well as cheap Egyptian fuel that powered everything from generators to wastewater treatment plants. While life here has been hard for years, there […]

Why I Fight The Drug War

And I need to add that cannabis is effective against brain tumors in a way that no other medicine is. Cannabis seems to be the only medicine that affects these tumors without dangerous side effects. Not “no side effects” but side effects that do not kill you or introduce new problems (like cancer). Marijuana Prohibition […]

The High-water Mark

The clip is from the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” a movie about Hunter S. Thompson. One of the premier writers of his time. He wrote a book called “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream“. He sent me an e-mail once saying he […]

Why people who want power shouldn’t have it.

A nice little image I found floating around on Facebook.   More and more people are catching on to something which should have been obvious. (Er, at least as obvious as it was to the founders.)

Marijuana – The New Political Consensus

There appears to be a very large break out politically with respect to marijuana since President Obama came out against prohibition. Harry Reid said in the last week that medical marijuana is alright by me. All right! And then there is Shenna Bellows who says she is a libertarian progressive (WHAT?), who is running for […]

Eight Lectures On Yoga

I’m an Aleister Crowley fan. Eight Lectures On Yoga is freely available at the link. When I first undertook the investigation of Yoga, I was fortunately equipped with a very sound training in the fundamental principles of modern science. I saw immediately that if we were to put any common sense into the business (science […]

Mission creep. A feature, not a bug.

Well this just plain sucks: Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) predicted Sunday that lawmakers who favored shutting down the bulk collection of telephone metadata would not be successful in their efforts as Congress weighs potential reforms to the nation’s controversial intelligence programs. “I don’t believe so,” Feinstein said during an appearance on NBC’s […]

An Oldie But Goodie

American Thinker: The Democrat’s 2012 Victory Plan from September 2011. I was about a year and a half early. So it is not like I wasn’t warning Republicans of the upcoming danger of sticking with Prohibition. Not to mention my words around here for the last couple of years. Thank The Maker for the Rand […]

Does Mommy really want to make Daddy end this war?

As if I needed a reminder of how much the Culture War sucks, M. Simon’s post did it for me. I have been saying for quite some time that the Democrats would be using marijuana prohibition as a pivot in at least the next two elections given that the Republican base is avowedly prohibitionist. I […]

The Police Did What They Were Trained To Do

This is the result of that training:                 Why did I make the image so small? Because it is really ugly. The full size image can be found here. So how about the trial of the police officers? An Orange County jury Monday found two former Fullerton police […]

It Begins

I have been saying for quite some time that the Democrats would be using marijuana prohibition as a pivot in at least the next two elections given that the Republican base is avowedly prohibitionist. I expected the Democrats to start in on the issue this summer. They must be hurting badly because they have started […]