I am still trying to transition from Windows XP to Windows 7, and while I can do it, there is one huge issue I cannot solve, and that is the fonts. Perhaps I have been using XP for too long, but I have grown so accustomed to the fonts that the new ones in 7 actually hurt my eyes and give me a headache. I tried adjusting them to a larger size but that makes them bolder and more moronic looking. I realize this sounds picky but I do a lot of reading online, and I want it to all look the same. You would think there is apparently a fix for this, but it doesn’t appear that way. Some sites advise adjusting or turning off ClearType. I tried that and it only makes things blurrier or nearly unreadable. The geeks talk about anti aliasing and such, but all I want is the kinder-and-gentler-to-my-eyes XP fonts back, and I don’t understand why there isn’t a fix for that.

I will illustrate with screen shots of a few paragraphs from the same Wiki web page.

First, Windows 7:

And here’s the XP version:

I realize the pictures really don’t fully explain the problems I have with not seeing what I have become so used to seeing, but it’s very frustrating, and if anyone has an idea of how to fix it, I’m all ears. And eyes.

(Hell, even the fonts in this blog look different. Unpleasantly so.)

MORE: Here are the screenshots of the first paragraph of this post.

First, Windows 7:

And Windows XP:

I prefer the XP fonts, dammit.

Why are they doing this to people?

UPDATE: After more comments, I tried setting the Firefox fonts to be the same in both computers, which they now are. But the FF fonts are only for FF itself, and not the content it displays from other sources, which is rendered differently. Two versions from email (of Gringo’s comment) will hopefully illustrate.

First, Firefox in W7:

And the same email as shown in Firefox on the XP computer: