In It Begins, I described how the Democrats might use the relaxation or the prospect of ending marijuana prohibition to salvage as much of the 2014 election as possible given the debacle of ObamaCare and then go for a win in 2016.

That was about a week ago. Many were asking if that was just an isolated incident. Attorney Genera Eric Holder has something to say on the matter that may prove it is not an isolated incident.

Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that the Obama administration would soon announce regulations that would allow banks to business with legal marijuana businesses. Financial institutions have been scared away from such businesses by the threat of legal action for dealing in the profits of a commodity still illegal under federal law.

You know the old saying common among the military, “Once is an isolated incident, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.” I’m not going to wait for thrice. I’m going to declare enemy action now.

Except scaling back the Drug War is only “enemy action” when it comes to many of our conservative friends. Which brings up something I recently read in ABP (Associated Baptist Press) News. SBC leader opposes medical marijuana. SBC is the Southern Baptist Convention.

The Southern Baptist Convention’s top public-policy expert says any therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana are outweighed by costs to society that disproportionately burden the poor.

Russell Moore, head of the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, said in a Jan. 23 podcast that he sees nothing immoral about the medical use of mind-altering drugs like morphine by people who are seriously ill, but he believes the real motive behind the push for legalization of pot is money.

“I think as Christians we need to recognize what’s happening here,” Moore said. “There is an industry — just as big tobacco was an industry that had a cheap product that was able to hook people in — we have the same sort of industry involved here with marijuana.”

Ah yes. Big Tobacco will be replaced by Big Marijuana. That seems to be he new worry. At least according to Legal Marijuana Opponent and Kinder and Gentler Drug War Guy Kevin Sabet.

“I don’t think we fully realize as a country what we are getting into.

“This is not about your nice neighbor who likes to smoke a joint after work once a week,” he said. “It’s really about creating the next Big Tobacco, an industry that thrives off of addiction.”

I have an easy answer for that one that Kevin will definitely not like. Unlimited grow your own. That should keep the big boys from cartelizing the industry. And it should work nicely to limit profits. If that is really what worries them. Make market entry and exit easy.

Well back to the Associated Baptists. I wrote an email to them discussing some issues. One of them was cannabis as a cure for cancer. I said that they should (roughly), “Run the details in the link by some of your MD or pharmacist friends (there are details at the link on how the cure works from biochemist Dennis Hill – ceramide is a key).” I will say that information has never cured a confirmed prohibitionist. But that has never stopped me from trying.

They should also compare the stance of The Southern Baptist Convention with that of Reform Jews who came out in favor of cannabis as medicine in 2003. Check out Rabbi Kahn‘s dispensary in DC. The Orthodox also are heavily involved involved in cannabis medicine.

In addition I thought that they might find this amusing: The Jews Behind Ending Marijuana Prohibition.

I told them, ” There are more cannabinoid receptors in the body than any other receptor type. I believe that would make cannabis God’s own medicine. You can read more about cannabis as medicine at Rockford For Safe Access

And then I hit them right square in their religion: Here are some thoughts (extensive actually – with videos) about the relationship of cannabis to the Holy Anointing Oil – it about the meaning of kanebosm – kanabos and how they related to the anointing oil. And Jesus – for those unaware – was called the Anointed One.

And then I finished them off with, “The decline of religion in America is being ably helped by some of those most heavily involved in religion. I can not figure out why. Evidently the Devil Weed is most powerful against those who do not use it. Very ironic. To say the least.”

In any case the Democrats are going to use cannabis as one of their distractions in the upcoming midterms. And it just may work. It’s working on me.

The Democrats want to run us into financial ruin. The Republicans want to maintain the Drug Gulag. I would be happiest if they both could lose. Especially given:

Drug War Racism.