Punishing the Innocent

Yes, it happens in the United States. Especially when academia is involved: The accused student is judged not by a jury of his peers but instead by a three-person panel consisting of two administrators and one student “chosen from a specially trained pool of panelists.” Columbia doesn’t reveal what this special training entails, but based on […]

Joined By Tea Party Republicans

The Federal Government is moving towards reduced sentences for drug offenses. But just who in government is moving that way surprised me. On the legislative front, liberal Democrats joined by tea party Republicans have pushed hard for sentencing changes, particularly for drug offenders who make up about half of the nation’s more than 218,000 federal […]

Rockford For Safe Access Has Been Blacklisted By Google

I just did a post with the name “Mykayla” in it. The post is Cannabis For Leukemia. I did a search on that in Google to see if I had done any other posts with “Mykayla”. I used the search term: “site:http://rockford-for-safe-access.blogspot.com/ Mykayla” This is what came up: However when I did this search “http://rockford-for-safe-access.blogspot.com/ […]

The State Of Chicago

H/T Reason Magazine.

Can’t explain

Eric Holder can’t explain the constitutional basis of President Obama’s stated plan to get around Congress by issuing executive orders. Attorney General Eric Holder couldn’t explain the constitutional basis for executive orders such as President Obama’s delay of the employer mandate because he hasn’t read the legal analysis — or at least, hasn’t seen it […]

Principled with few strong convictions?

I just took another one of those tests that float around — this one is called the Social Attitude Test. This test is adapted from Hans Eysenck’s own political inventory which was developed after extensive empirical investigations in the 20th Century. Some of the questions were so loaded with assumptions that there was no way […]


I’m in a music mood today. Commenter Man Mountain Molehill suggested Patti Smith. I was not familiar with her versions. I liked this one:

Pride Of Man

Slave Meters

You will recall that yesterday I did a post Stop The Smart Grid. The video there got the first mate looking for more information and she found this video. I love it because they have an actual electrical geek discussing the issue. Here is the article mentioned in the video: The Smart Grid as the […]

I survived SOTU 2014

I’ve been watching Obama’s State of the Union address. Beats me why. It’s more of a performance than a speech. Reading from a teleprompter a cliche-ridden speech that’s been scripted by specialists in the art of psychological manipulation while pretending to be folksy and in touch with regular people is, I have to admit, something […]

Stop The Smart Grid

The “Smart Grid™” is a stupid idea. I have been trying to sell this article to possibly interested parties for a few months. No sale. I got fired from my last gig over it. But no point in crying about it. I’m going to give it away. Please do me the honor of passing it […]

One Of My Favorite Circuits

I particularly like the 666 Timer. Which is a take-off on this very popular timer. From: xkcd.com/

The Government Is

A lying, cheating, stealing, den of thieves except for the Drug War – according to Republicans. A lying, cheating, stealing, den of thieves but only for the Drug War – according to Democrats. I’d like to see both parties broaden their vision and come to a unanimous decision. The Government is a lying, cheating, stealing, […]

what’s up with this?

Well, I thought I’d try my luck at writing a post on the new mobile device (not while driving in the snow).I suspect that putting in links would be a bit of a challenge, so I won’t even attempt that. It’s slow and laborious, but I guess it’s better than not being able to do […]

Here’s to that moment

I only wish there were more of them.

I wanna remain in the Stone Age, damn it!

I am still trying to transition from Windows XP to Windows 7, and while I can do it, there is one huge issue I cannot solve, and that is the fonts. Perhaps I have been using XP for too long, but I have grown so accustomed to the fonts that the new ones in 7 […]

With Greek Subtitles

Mr. Farage is always a pleasure. He says: “We are run now by Big Business, Big Banks, and Big Bureaucrcats.” Not too different from what we see on this side of the pond.


We have all kinds of people talking about the legalization of marijuana. They don’t mean it. They mean the regulation of marijuana. The government control of marijuana. Marijuana won’t really be legal until it is as legal as tomatoes or cabbages. Unlimited grow your own! See Eric’s post for what real legalization means.

Another Move

In It Begins, I described how the Democrats might use the relaxation or the prospect of ending marijuana prohibition to salvage as much of the 2014 election as possible given the debacle of ObamaCare and then go for a win in 2016. That was about a week ago. Many were asking if that was just […]

Middle class shock value

This picture has gone viral. History intrigues people, especially when it is history, and even more especially when it is shocking history. And let’s face it, it really is a shock for most modern Americans to consider that in those days, one could walk into a drugstore and, without so much as a prescription, buy […]