We don’t know enough about marijuana to legalize it.

Speaking recently with the Los Angeles Times, UCLA professor and former Washington state ”pot czar” Mark Kleiman implied that we as a society are largely ignorant when it comes to the subject of weed. Speaking with Times columnist Patt Morrison, Kleiman stated, “I keep saying we don’t know nearly as much about cannabis as Pillsbury knows about brownie mix.”

Well that is not hard to figure out. You make the brownies and THEN smoke the pot. Make sure the brownies are out of the oven before you get distracted. If you put the pot in the brownies you have a different set of problems.

There are a number of recipes available. Here is a small sampling:

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Special Brownies – The Stoner’s Cookbook

Top 3 Pot Brownie Recipes

Do your own research. And oh yeah. don’t report it to the Feds. Best to keep them in the dark. Because for those who profit from creating misery for others there will never be enough research.

H/T My friend Clyde