As we all know, if you didn’t like Obama, it was because you are racist.

And now, if you don’t like Hillary, it is because you are sexist:

Desperate to stop a second Clinton presidency in 2016, it’s a sure bet many in the GOP will reprise the ugly attacks they used on her 22 years ago.

While Hillary Clinton has made clear that she won’t decide whether she wants to pursue the presidency in 2016 until next year, Republicans have decided they already are going to make her a top target. Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee Chairman, has promised this month to go after the “rough stuff” about Clinton in an ad campaign that will be “very aggressive.” The Republicans are promising a shotgun approach; just shoot out things like the “a botched health care roll out in the ’90s and Benghazi,” and hope something hits.

Yes, and while opposition to socialized health care and concerns about the Benghazi debacle might not seem sexist, in the context of Hillary Clinton, they certainly are.

As is all criticism of her — even if it might come from Republican women:

Republicans have Sarah Palin and four women governors, but they are still willing to attack Democratic women with sexist attacks. We’re already seeing hints of this in the right-wing attacks on Hillary. After a successful rebuttal of Republican attacks about about Benghazi, the New York Post mocked Clinton’s testimony with a sexist headline, “No Wonder Bill’s Afraid,” claiming that she “exploded with rage.”  If a man gave that testimony, you would never see those kind of derogatory remarks.

As the right prepares to go after Hillary once again, we may see elements of this anti-feminist campaign come out again.

See, anti-feminist = sexist = war on women. Republican women are not feminist, and through some twisted logic that makes them sexists, and in a war against women.

The important thing to remember is that any criticism of Hillary Clinton is a sexist attack:

The Republican Party has made progress on women’s issues since Pat Robertson and Pat Buchanan were major movers and shakers in the party, but they may choose to once again go after Clinton with sexist attacks. If they do, it will once again backfire and help contribute to a unique “year of the woman,” the year that Americans elected their first female president.

All criticism is sexist.

Expect this theme to be repeated again and again.

The Hillary supporters are starting early. I’m seeing her “I’m Ready for Hillary” bumper stickers all over Ann Arbor.

Only a bigot could object!