I brought up the matter of PTSD from child abuse in another post. So this video clip from a longer video suits my zeitgeist to a T.

You can find out more about the video by visiting The Gift From Within.

A therapist who has watched the video has this to say:

For victims of traumatic violence (and their therapists) who struggle with the intrusive, numbing and often debilitating effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), I highly recommend the DVD, “Marla’s Story” with Dr. Frank Ochberg. The DVD consists of close to an hour-long interview between Marla, a survivor of multiple types of childhood abuse, and Dr. Ochberg, who was part of the group of professionals who first established a definition of PTSD. Marla captivates as an articulate and intriguing storyteller; while Dr. Ochberg helps the viewer to understand the clinical aspects of PTSD in greater depth.

As a clinician, I have shared the DVD with colleagues and master’s level counseling students, all of whom have reported feeling deeply moved and encouraged by both Marla’s resilience and Dr. Ochberg’s kind and compassionate stance toward individuals suffering with the aftereffects of severe and chronic interpersonal trauma. For victims and survivors, Marla’s Story highlights the strength of the human spirit in overcoming a childhood filled with hurt. For clinicians, the DVD serves as an example and reminder of the elements necessary for successful trauma therapy: empowerment of the victim, respect for the individual’s process, and an educated and compassionate therapist.

For those who are interested in finding out about Marla’s healing journey in more depth, I also recommend her book, ” No Comfort Zone: Notes on Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.” It is a highly-readable book (I finished it in one sitting!) that is both sobering and heartening.

So how did I fix myself (I couldn’t afford therapy)? I’d rather not say (except privately) but Aleister Crowley’s Banishing Ritual (page 384 of the pdf) from Magick in Theory and Practice – free pdf was part of the mix.