Speaking of malignant Marxist narcissism, I stumbled across a nice little cache of Che Guevara quotes, and I found one that suits our current times:

“Youth must refrain from ungrateful questioning of governmental mandates.  Instead, they must dedicate themselves to study, work and military service.”

Be grateful for your Obamacare! Hear hear!

This came right on the heels of reading some very touching news about another iconic male figure. Or would that be Alpha Male? Anyway, the touching news is that Che Charles Manson is going to be married! At 79, when most men are starting to lose whatever they once had, Charlie is still going strong:

Charles Manson may be getting married — or at least, that’s what one of his biggest fans claims.

“I’ll tell you straight up, Charlie and I are going to get married,” the supposed fiancee, known only as “Star,” told Rolling Stone. “I take it very seriously. Charlie is my husband. Charlie told me to tell you this.”

A notorious murderer, Manson, 79, spends hours every weekend with the 25-year-old woman. Star told the magazine that she started writing to Manson when she was 19. In 2007, she moved to Corcoran, Calif., to be closer to the Corcoran State Prison, where Manson is serving a life sentence.

“Charlie,” however, has a different story. “That’s a bunch of garbage … That’s trash,” Manson told Rolling Stone. “We’re just playing that for public consumption.”

Star, who received her name from Manson, operates a website called “Release Charles Manson Now,” according to the SF Gate.

Doncha just lo-o-ove the way Charlie’s playing hard to get?

And here’s a picture of the charming lovebirds:

As to who will perform the ceremony, and who has the honor of being Manson’s Best Man, I’m clueless. There are always nuts, always starstruck women, and (as history shows) no shortage of people willing to love and follow murderous nutjobs.

However, there is something else that bothers me. Why is it that some murderous narcissistic nutjobs are considered “better” than other murderous narcissistic nutjobs?

What does Che Guevara have over Charles Manson? As I just commented on FB, “I see little functional difference between the adulation of Manson and the adulation of Che Guevara. Sure, the latter is FAR more socially acceptable, but in terms of carnage, he makes Manson look like a silly punk.” (Which is true: Manson murdered nine people but didn’t do the killings himself, while Guevara murdered hundreds, often gleefully with his own hands.)

So why are so many people shocked to hear that Manson has young admirers and groupies, while the adoration of Guevara not only doesn’t raise eyebrows, but is aided and encouraged by Hollywood?

The latter have no problem with Manson as an appropriate character for a touching TV spoof like this:

But I am willing to bet that a similar spoof (of a boy and his pet Che) would be shunned.

To say that these things are not logical is understatement. Even trying to apply logic to them is an exercise in the absurd.