Deconstructing Marx

A left wing socialist looks at Marx’s personal narcissism, and makes a good case that his personal psychological problems drove his politics and his philosophy: …Marx’s psyche was a volatile mixture of grandiose illusions, anger, and self-hatred. Born a Jew but baptized a Lutheran at age four, the atheistic Marx denied and rejected his Jewish […]

Polititians Are Not Prostitutes

They are in fact pimps … selling out the American people for a price.

Obamacare Delay “Not Political”

It Is All Political. White House spokesman Jay Carney denied Friday that next year’s midterm elections are the reason behind the administration’s decision to postpone the 2014 opening date for 2015 enrollment in Obamacare — from October 15 to November 15. And people are not exactly happy with the current state of Obamacare: “All we […]

Celebrating Kennedy

Today is Dallas Day. I was in Navy boot camp at the time. But that is not my JFK memory. Mine was some years earlier. I was living in Omaha and going to High School (Omaha Central). It was election night 1960. I was staying up late (probably around midnight, if I recall correctly) listening […]

Not Quite The Way They Sold It

H/T Ed Driscoll. The link at the end of the video: Black and Right

Illegal Erections

Melanotan II A pilot Phase I clinical trial conducted on three males by the College of Medicine, Pharmacology Department, University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona published in 1996 reported that, “Melanotan II has tanning activity in humans given only 5 low doses every other day by subcutaneous injection.” The side effects reported were mild nausea […]

Molecular Medicine

The book discussed: The Cure in the Code: How 20th Century Law is Undermining 21st Century Medicine H/T Reason

Interesting statistic

A friend (Portia) sent me this, and I suspect it’s true: What the government won’t tell you is that both the Obamacare website source code as well as all the UFO information are tightly locked up in Roswell, NM. MORE: I have also been leaked a photograph which was surreptitiously taken of two men unfortunate […]

ObamaCare And Business

I hope Zero Hedge will excuse me for republishing this post. This is what the American economy has to look forward to. Except it is happening now. SNAP (mentioned below) is Food Stamps. From a Zero Hedge reader: My company, based in California, employs 600. We used to insure about 250 of our employees. The […]

Too Many Laws

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws. – Tacitus

The Software Debacle

The above is a diagram of the best way to build software vs the way was actually done. Note that the requirements have yet to be fully defined (don’t believe what the chart says in this case – I assume it was prettied up for consumption by government managers). There is no way they […]

Things Didn’t Feel Right

Report Alleges Unemployment Rate Was ‘Faked’ Ahead Of 2012 Election H/T Zero Hedge

Nearing The Expiration Date

I came across this from Chateau Heartiste. Liberals are more likely to kill a white person than a black person to save 100 people. So it’s not that liberals are more moral than conservatives, it’s that they’re “differently moral”. I suppose if you like living with people you can trust, you’d want to stay the […]

Terminal boredom?

Someone sent me a link to this video of a pair of really boring airheads. Reluctant as I was to click on it to watch it, watch I did. Yawn. I got tired of them, and grew impatient. Yet, just about the same time that happened, an odd little thing in the video made me […]

Blaming Libertarians

Kurt Schlichter is not blaming libertarians and Libertarians for Ken Cuccinelli’s loss in Virginia. Much. We usually think of a libertarian as a committed anti-statist who favors very limited government operating within strict parameters that maximize individual liberty. Some libertarians fit that mold. Others just want to take bong hits and pretend to be edgy […]

No time for Venn diagrams

Earlier I was reading about judicial versus constitutional conservatism. And Calhounian versus Heinleinian libertarianism. I’m beat and have to get up before dawn, so I have no time for Venn Diagrams, but I’m wondering how much overlap there would be if you had a circle for both of the above kinds of conservatism and both of the […]

Utopian thinking

It is axiomatic that if there were no laws, there would be no lawbreaking. In logic, if laws = crime, then no laws = no crime. Sounds simple, but as we all know, in life what we think of as crime is not merely illegal conduct, but immoral and dangerous conduct — the sort of […]

The Union – The Business Behind Getting High

At 1 hour 20 minutes in they talk about the pharmaceutical industry vs marijuana. You can find out more about endocannabinoid/cannabis medical science at Rockford For Safe Access.

Never let a serious humorous crisis go to waste

Yet again, Jon Stewart has lifted my spirits: But never mind that! According to The Man himself, Obamacare is whatever Obama says it is. Well then, is that settled? What’s also funny is that the Democrats are starting to panic, and are acting for the world like rats deserting a sinking ship. You’d almost think […]

He Looked Broken

The National Review article discussed. H/T Libertarian Republican Also this from Libertarian Republican